Pony Parties

How about a wonderful fuss-free celebration for your special birthday boy or girl?

Suitable for ages 5 to 14.

A Whitethorn Academy Pony¬†Party includes an instruction session, group riding and lots of games and tricks on the ponies. (Excellent photo opportunities for proud parents!).  Naturally, all activities are carefully supervised by experienced professional coaches.  

Included in the $475 minimum cost are horses and equipment for up to 5 riders and all activities.  That's right!  Every participant gets to ride their own horse or pony!  For an extra $30 per person, additional riders are welcome.  We can cater for up to 10 riders in total.  But there is no limit on the number of non-riding participants, so feel free to bring your mothers' group, Grandma, Uncle Bill and Second-cousin Jane!  All prices include GST.

The cost also includes access to the undercover party area.  You are welcome to use our tables, chairs and gas barbecues.

So, here's what happens at a Whitethorn Pony Party.  The party host family and guests arrive at 10:30am.  While the adults set up the food arrangements in our undercover party area, Whitethorn's senior coach will fit the riding participants with safety helmets and riding boots and check the required paperwork.  

At 11:00am the riders are introduced to their horse for the day and are helped to mount.

Then it's fun riding activities for 2 hours in our undercover arena - basic riding instruction, circus tricks, team relays...

At 1:00pm the horses are put away and the food of the party gets underway.

The party concludes at 2:30pm.

What a great day!